LBMS History Dept. Technology

These are the sites and apps of our departments

Why Technology?

Why not? Students today are on their phones constantly accessing a plethora of information at incredible rates. Its my hope to harness that hunger for information in my classroom. We use a variety of web based apps and smart phone/tablet apps in my class. Below you will find our go to apps. All of these apps have web sites as well. It is not mandatory to add these apps to your smart phone or device, but highly encouraged. You can access these things anywhere in the world. Should your student miss class for whatever reason, they would have access to most of the tools we would use in the physical classroom.

Through Google Classroom students are able to take our physical room to cyberspace and access it from any internet connection on the planet. Speaking of planet... Google Earth will allow your students to complete any map exercise, locate key cities on any continent or just have fun finding their own house. Its 3-D and a lot of fun. Google Apps include several web based programs that make things very easy. Google has essentially found a way to provide thousands of dollars worth of programs for free. This means that students can write a paper using Google Docs, prepare a presentation using Google Slides, work on a spread sheet using Google Sheets, compose art work using Google Drawings, etc. The best part is that all they need for this are their school provided Google credentials.

Quizlet is the place to go to find all things review. Review for vocabulary words, key terms and phrases and study for unit assessments. Remind 101 is your source to stay connected with announcement for the class. Everything from materials to bring to class, quizzes and tests to study for and all other reminders. Brain Pop is a site that takes a plethora of information from all areas of school and has fun videos and activities that enhance learning.

Below you will find links to these sites and information on how you can join them. Please email your social studies teacher If you have any questions.

Google Credentials

Anytime you see the term Google credentials that is the information you students use to log in to school computers and Goole everything. That information is specific to your student. It is their first and last, so for example: Their password is their lunch number and the capital letters of the first and last name. example: 001492CC. Please let me know if you have any issues with this.