Day in Paula Creamer's Shoes

Kelsie Cochran

History of adidas golf shoes

The first ever pair of golf shoes were made in 1857 and they have no spikes on the bottom. The first pair were wooden and they hurt ur foot. The first pair of adidas golf shoes where made in 1999 in China. The first pair only had one spike on the bottom and u couldn't dig in to the ground as well as u can with the new golf shoes. The new golf shoes have multiple spikes on the bottom. They make so maney colors.

A day in the life of Paula Creamer

Dear diary,

My name is Paula Creamer. I am a professional golfer. On 10/22/15 I played at the Taiwan championship. As I walked up to the first hole. I felt my body just a shaking when all eyes go to me when I tee off. I start on hole 1 likes always and made a birdie. Then birdie from hole 2-17 then all the sudden my life changed. As I walked up on hole 18 I made a hole in one. That's is how I won 61,822. Since I just won all that money I taught that I don't need it and I would give it to poor little kids who wants Christmas toys.

Love Paula Creamer

My pashion

My pashion is golf. I've been playing since I was 12. I chose Paula Creamer because she is my golf rolemodel. When I grow up I want to play golf just like her. I wear Adidas golf shoes.
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