Harris Elementary School * 60 High School St. * 401-767-4855

Friday, November, 22nd @ 1:00pm

We have invited local dignitaries & are hopeful they will be joining us. Our official debut video has been put together by 15 Stars Productions. 15 Stars is the Production studio that was formed by rooms 214 & 216. Under the guidance of Mr. Mike, Mrs. D & Dr. Dave they will be producing a SOM video each month. Channel 17 airtime is allocated through the SIT committee, thus if you have something you'd like to broadcast in the future please bring your idea to the committee. If you are interested in utilizing Channel 17, but would like to talk about the Technology involved before going to SIT with your idea please contact Heather.

Classroom TV Hints

Channel 17 - To view our live broadcasts. - Power to DVD/VCR's should be off!
To use DVD/VCR's TV must be put back to Channel 03.

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