Creating a Classroom Culture that supports learning (and helps you keep your sanity)

It's often a challenge to find consistent classroom management strategies that keep your student on target and ready for learning. This newsletter is full of classroom management techniques/ strategies you can use to engage your students and have them looking like the best class in the school.

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Using your Google Chrome-

Check out this great website to have the student self monitor their noise levels during center time or independent work time. (SUPER COOL SITE)

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Using a $3 sugar container and filled it with white rice and glitter. Tape and glue the hole shut (leave the "flap" to the container open so it can make the "noise" to be more realistic!). Whenever your kids are noisy/chatty, "sprinkle" the silent sprinkles over their heads and then tell them to use the magic silent sprinkle to get self-control.. Works like, well magic :) :) :)
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Making the Most out of Circle Time