South Oaks School

May 2020

Celebrating "Extra Effort"

As I talk with teachers and parents these days, there is a common theme emerging. I would describe it as, we are all putting in "extra effort" to make Learning at Home possible. I am grateful for all the positive feedback from parents and that many seem to be managing well at home. However, I realize this is not true at all times, for everyone. I acknowledge how challenging this is for students, teachers and parents.

So, in this newsletter, I thought it was appropriate to share some stories from your homes. Thanks for all the photos that you are sharing with me and with your teachers! To me, the stories in this newsletter are symbolic of all the extra effort being given these days. Teachers and parents are doing their best to partner and work together. I hear teachers and parents say how they are working harder now than they were before the pandemic. I believe that is true, as we are finding our way through the haze together.

When this pandemic is over and we are in the history books, I believe we will be known for keeping our kids safe, having resilience in the face of uncertainty and doing our best to learn what we needed to, when facing challenges. Thank-you to everyone for everything you are doing these days. One thing I know for sure is that our kids are worth every bit of extra effort.

Take care,
Dale Martens

Dates to Remember

May 8 - Citizenship Award Announcement online

May 10 - Mother's Day

May 18 - Victoria Day - take the day off school work!

May 29 - Citizenship Award Announcement online

Learning with Lucy!

Ethan from 3/4 AF says, "I didn't get what to do, so I asked Lucy for help! Everyone is learning, even Lucy. :-)
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Stories from Home - Grade 2

Every morning one of our teachers sends a question of the day to her students. One day, the question was, "What is your best dream?"

A mom shared with us that her child woke up one morning and told her that he had dreamed that he was allowed to go back to school. The mom thought this was perfect and she said, “Good timing! Your teacher asked what your best dream was, and you dreamed that you could go back to school!"

The student responded, "No, going back to school isn’t my best dream.” The parents both looked at each other, chuckled and quietly said to each other, ‘Well, it might be the best dream for us!!!!!!"

Message from Mrs. Rogers - Kindergarten

I have been in the world of teaching young children for 32 years and this year has definitely been different and nothing like I have experienced before in my career! It has stretched me as a professional to encompass new things and to up my game in the world of technology! I have to say I still do not like videotaping myself! However having said that I feel that I have grown closer to my students in a new way and to their parents too, as we have navigated through the process of “Home Learning”. I am excited by the way parents and students have responded and want to share some of that with you.

Show and Tell is a big deal in kindergarten! So together, we are doing this on Seesaw. So far it has been great with parents and students really getting on board. The children are even asking their friends questions by using the microphone.

I have been so blessed to teach these wonderful children and have truly felt I have gotten to know them even better as individuals and had a glimpse of what is important in their lives through their sharing of smiley pictures and of many things during this time of “Home Learning”.

See the links below for some examples of our Show and Tell videos!

2020-21 Kindergarten update

After much discussion with our school team and also with the Superintendent, we have decided to postpone all Kindergarten orientation events until September 2020. We don't want to take any shortcuts when it comes to preparing your child for Kindergarten. We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes for you or your child.

If you visit the school calendar on our website, you will see that we are setting dates for the new K orientation events in September 2020. In this way we will be able to provide your child with the full experience and they will meet teachers personally instead of virtually. Thanks for your understanding. We can hardly wait to meet your children and get started with them.

Are you moving?

If your child will be transferring out of South Oaks before the fall, please call the office to let us know where they will be going. We need to keep track of this information as we make the class lists for next year and also to share files with the other school. At the same time, if you know of anyone who will be transferring into South Oaks for the fall, please ask them to let us know as soon as they can. Thanks for your help in this matter!

Public Health Hut Update

As many of you are aware, Hut #1 is typically used by the Public Health Nurse twice each month. Please note that this service will be discontinued until further notice. If you need to contact the Public Health Nurse please call 204-346-6145 for the Steinbach office.

PTA Report

Dear Parents,

The South Oaks Parent Advisory Council (PAC) has been having a wonderful year working with both you and the South Oaks School staff. The purpose of the PAC is to:

● Discuss matters that are relevant to education in the school

● Discuss matters that are relevant to education in the Hanover School Division

● Discuss matters that are of concern to parents of South Oaks students

● To provide moral and financial support for educational programs which enhance or enrich the curriculum

We usually meet 4-5 times per school year to discuss these issues and others with our principal, Mr. Dale Martens, and the staff representative, Mr. Craig Froese.

This year the PAC was comprised of the following 5 members:

  • Lorraine Wiens (President)
  • Randy Fast (Vice-President and Treasurer)
  • Teresa Wiens (Secretary)
  • Jon Rempel
  • Caroline Smith

*We currently have 1 position open in our PAC group and are looking for a male to fill this role.

If this is something you would be interested in being a part of, please contact the school or one of the above parents*

Some of the ways the PAC have typically been involved during the school year include:

● Winter Fun Day (preparing & serving the hot lunch, funding for the Sleigh ride)

● The spring “World’s Finest Chocolate” fundraiser (helping with the distribution of chocolates)

● Teacher Appreciation Lunch (organizing & serving the lunch)

● School Picnic (June) – (funding for the bouncy castles & preparing the hot lunch)

Of course, due to the school closure, some of these events needed to be cancelled this year.

If any parent has questions, suggestions or concerns for the PAC to address, please feel free to forward them to any one of the members.

Our contact information can be found on the school website under the “Parent Council Info” tab.

Thanks again for allowing us to represent you parents within the South Oaks School.


South Oaks School PAC

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