Academic Vocabulary Assessments


Double It!

Double It! is a cross-curricular lesson that combines literacy and the mathematical concept of doubling numbers. "This fantasy story teachers a basic math concept beneath the fun plot and can be used to explain cause-and-effect relationships and simple subjects"(Reading A-Z, 2014).

Lesson Subject & Topic: Math/Language arts/ Doubles

Objective: Determine cause and effect relationships and explain how to double.


in, put, the, were, climb, cried, double, inside, looked, trouble

Three Ways to Review Vocabulary

1. Rainbow Words- prior to reading, hand out and go over vocabulary. Next have students choose three different colors and go over each word with all three colors.

2. Spot Check- throughout the reading, ask students to vie the word definition or what the word means in the reading.

3. Exit Ticket- have students choose five words and use them in a sentence.

Summative Assessement

Summative Assessment: Double It

Word Bank







The Word Bank above lists vocabulary from the story Double It. In the spaces bellow, fill in the blank with the correct word.

1. “No, Mia!”_________ Mom.

2. “____________” Mia would be double __________!

3. “What’s this?” asked Mia. “Put something _________”, said Mom.

4. She_________ inside. Now there were four shoes.

5. She started to ______________ inside the box.

For the questions below, write a math sentence and draw a picture of each.


One book goes into the box and 2 come out.

Math sentence: 1 + ______= 2

6. A pair of shoes go into the box and four come out.

Math sentence ______+_______=________

7. Four hats go into the box and 8 hats come out.

Math Sentence ________+_________=_________

8. Write two sentences using two words from the word bank.

9. In your own words or picture, show/tell what it means to double.


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