Intelligence through Experience

Collaboration, Adequate Time, & Mastery


"Active learning processes result in active brains." When we hear from and discuss with others, we are examining our own thinking, learning another way to think, and expanding our knowledge base. Working on your own only allows you your own thinking - collaborating allows you to see the perspective of others.

But that's not enough, we also need...

Adequate Time!

"It was Albert Einstein who said that man invented the concept of time and has spent the rest of his life being controlled by it!" To understand a concept and then to also be able to use what we understand takes time. This is actually a physiologic need: time for the brain to create those connections that engage and result in long-term memory.

All of this is meant to lead to...


The end result of all the hard work: mastery. This means APPLICATION! Taking what you have learned and being able to apply it to the real world. This does not mean achieving a certain grade that is somehow supposed to account for all that you have learned. The grade means nothing in comparison to being able to use what you know.

Intelligence is a Function of Experience.