Second Grade News!

Here's What's Happening!

Taking Charge of Reading and Writing

Grade 2 is teaching kids how to take charge of their reading. They are learning to think and understand the meaning of a text while simultaneously building reading stamina. The grade 2 students have also been learning about the writing process (pre write, draft, revision, editing, publishing) and writing their own all about book or personal narrative.


Students are reviewing counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's, telling time, coin values, place value, tally marks and basic addition facts. We will be focusing on real-life number problem solving in the upcoming unit.

Now in Social Studies and Science.....

Our second graders will be working on the science unit titled Balance and Motion where they will explore the physics of movement. We will be investigating why some things balance and some don't as well as building our models to further our understanding of the topic.

In Social Studies, are introducing the IB learner profile. We wan our students to exemplify the traits of an IB learner. Our goal is for all students to be open-minded, caring, balanced, principled, a risk-taker, reflective, knowledgeable, a communicator, a thinker, and an inquirer.