The Treasure Map

November 5 - November 9

The Week in Preview


  • 2:45 Third Grade PLC meeting with David Norton; Fourth Grade PLC meeting

  • Election Day- exercise your right to vote!

  • Selle field trip to the Carroll School
  • 4th grade swimming11:30
  • TEAM math
  • 2:45 First Grade, Second Grade, and Fifth Grade PLC meetings.

  • Make up pictures for students absent on the original date, new students, or those returning the original packet
  • 7:30 Rhonda at an AP meeting
  • 4th grade swimming
  • Crystal to Principal Network meeting

  • Rhonda at Mt. Gallant for the morning

The Pirate Way

    • Please remember if you have a student on your roster in PowerSchool that has moved, you MUST continue to mark attendance until he/she is no longer on the roster.
    • Holiday Lunch Details..... please include this information in your classroom communications
    • Dec. 13 Kindergarten 11:00, Fourth grade 12:00, Third grade 1:00 (all others will eat bag lunches in the classrooms)
    • Dec. 14 First grade 11:00, Second grade 12:00, Fifth grade 1:00 (all others will eat bag lunches in the classrooms)
    • Terrific Kid for November will combine November and December. You are welcome to select one or two students for this celebration.
    • Terrific Kid write ups are due Nov. 16; celebration is on Nov. 30

    Thought for the week:

    Be hungry for information on your school, its achievements and how it is perceived.