Afghanistan Country Project

Country Basics:

Country Basics:

*Name of Country- Afghanistan

*Capital of Country- City of Kabul

* Flag and meaning behind it- Afghanistan’s flag today is Black on the very left, Red in the middle, and Green on the very right. This flag is 1 of 20 flags that Afghanistan has had. It was adopted December 22nd, 2001 by the Afghan Interim Administration.


2) Geography:

*Location- Southern Asia, North and west of Pakistan, East of Iran. Coordinates= 33 00 N, 65 00 E

*Major Landforms- Major Bodies of Water- Afghanistan does not have any bodies of water surrounding it, because it is land locked. How does their Geography/Environment effect the citizens lives? Afghanistan has limited fresh water, Soil degradation, Overgrazing, Deforestation, etc. So if they have a limited amount of Fresh Water they might not be as healthy, or maybe they have a greater amount of sick people.


3) Government:

* What type of government do they have- Islamic republic

*Who is the Leader(s) – Hamid KARZAI

*How are the leaders chosen- democratic Elections

* Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities of the Citizens-


4) Economy:

* Is it a Rich Nation, or a Poor Nation- Afghanistan is one of the poorest Countries in the World . Since the Soviet Invasion in 1979, it has been the scene of a series of conflicts that have continued for 3 decades.