8-3 Newsletter

September 16, 2016

What's New?

SMMS is a GREAT school! We are so great that people come from other states just to see what we are doing! This week we will have several visitors in the building. They are looking at the ways in which we facilitate problem-based and STEM learning. Dr. Bridwell will be out on Tuesday and Wednesday for training in these areas. She will be bringing new ideas back to the classroom. I know that our students will make us proud when our visitors are here!

October 5th is the last day of the first quarter. Our cut-off date for 1st quarter grades will be Friday, Sept. 30. Students who are missing work should make arrangements to stay after school with one of us on Thursdays to get caught up!

Please continue to email us with any concerns and feel free to contact the office if you would like to have a conference.

As always, we need tissues, paper towels, hand sanitizers, etc. Thank you!

Dates to Remember!

9/19 Symphonic Band Auditions 2:30

Jr Beta Induction 6:00

9/20 STEM Visitors at SMMS

9/21 STEM Visitors at SMMS

Symphonic Band Auditions 2:30

Soccer Conditioning 2:30-4:30

Tennis vs Frederica Home 4:00

8th gr football @ Needwood 5:00

9/22 Academic Camps 2:30-3:30

Symphonic Band Auditions 2:30

Soccer Conditioning 2:30-4:30

SMMS Chik-fil-a Night

9/23 Symphonic Band Auditions 2:30

Here is what is happening in our classes!

Language Arts

It is hard to believe that in the next week we will be finishing up our first text, Fahrenheit 451! The students will not have a Socratic Seminar to wrap up this text. This means that when they are taking annotations for part three they do not need to fill in the questions for Socratic Seminar box. They will have annotations to do on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. They will have a mini-project to complete to show their understanding of the text as a whole. The students will be given part of the block on Thursday and Friday to work on it. This is due on Monday, September 26th. They will be presenting their projects to the class on Monday. Also to wrap up our Fahrenheit 451 unit, we are going to be comparing/contrasting to book to the movie by picking a scene from both medias and looking at the graphic novel. Our next grammar skill that we will be focusing on is active and passive voice. We will learn and practice this week coming up and have a quiz the following week.

The next text we will be reading is called Frankenstein. This text will be online. I do not have any extra copies in room, and the one that the library has is not the correct edition that we will be reading. So, if your child would rather read a paper copy, then I encourage you to purchase a copy. The edition that we are reading is Modern Prometheus The Revised 1831 edition. If you own a kindle, it was a free download a few weeks ago. Just another option.


Happy weekend everyone! Students were given their next project yesterday. It is due September 29th. We will not have any time in class to work on it. I have put the project, rubric, and graph paper in Google Classroom. Students have a mini-project due Monday that we’ve been working on in class. I have put the directions in Google Classroom for students. Next week we will be finishing rotations and starting dilations. Next Thursday and Friday we will be working on a task that involves translations, reflections, and rotations. Students will be given homework each night (Monday through Thursday) next week instead of one sheet for the week. Have a great weekend and be safe.

Georgia Studies

We will start the American Revolutionary period this week. As always, we are working on a webquest. Assignment is in google classroom. First field trip is being planned for October timeframe (more to follow as time gets closer). Additionally, I extended the time to sign up for the Spring Trip to the Florida Keys and Everglades until 27 September.

Physical Science

Matter Properties & Changes Test retakes will be offered on Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon next week. They must have completed a "Request to Retake" form and the posted remediation. 8th grade PS did not get to the Atom/Element project this week; so it will be assigned on Monday and they will work on it Monday-Wednesday. Presentations of the project will begin on Thursday. HS Physical Science classes will begin their study of atoms and the periodic table this week. I am very proud of the 15 students who scored at the Advance level of the Benchmark 1 test. All other students scored Proficient. Woo Hoo! Enjoy your weekend!