Rodan+Fields Introduces Acute Care

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That's Right: While You Sleep

Yesterday, if you wanted to treat expression lines, your option essentially consisted of painful injectable fillers. Today, there is REDEFINE ACUTE CARE™ Skincare for Expression Lines. ACUTE CARE™ patches fill wrinkles with liquid cones that melt into your expression lines while you sleep for visibly diminished wrinkles and smoother-looking skin that lasts.

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Check out these impressive results. Clinical trials show the REDEFINE Acute Care™ Skincare for expression lines not only delivers a fantastic, overnight, quick-fix result, but also with 10 applications in a 30-day span, results last up to 12 weeks!

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3 Way to Get Your Hands on Acute Care™

ACUTE CARE ™ officially launches in January 2015, but you don't have to wait! There are three different ways to get your ACUTE CARE™ before the rest of the world.

Partner with Rodan and Fields®

The timing to start your Rodan+Fields® Independent Consultant business couldn't be any better. Just think...a premier skincare brand, launches product technology that is proprietary and no one anywhere has anything like it. This new product both meets a market demand while creating brand-new demand. And, you'll be guaranteed to get ACUTE CARE™ in your enrollment kit. Contact me to talk about how a Rodan+Fields® business could help you Redefine Your Future.

Become My Preferred Customer

PCPerks members will be rewarded for their loyalty. On October 27th, Rodan+Fields® will offer ACUTE CARE™ to PCPerks members, while supplies last. You will get your product more than 2 months before the rest of the work, and get rid of those sticky expression lines just in time for the holidays. AND...when you become a PCPerks you get 10% off, free-shipping and, for all new PCPerks orders placed in September, I am offering a free-trial of ACUTE CARE™! Contact me to find out which of our daily skincare regimens will be best for your skin concerns!

Share with Your Friends

My business relies on referrals. Whether you are an existing PCPerks member, or not, I welcome your referrals. For each referral you would be kind enough to share, if the referral makes a purchase or joins me in business, I will put your name in a drawing one of 5 free trials of ACUTE CARE™ and a full-sized eye cream!

Already a Preferred Customer??

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Fill a Wrinkle, Overnight, No Needle Required.

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