Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci

His Occupation ( Jobs )

Leonardo was a writer,a inventor, an engineer, an architect, a musican, mathematicain,and an anatomist.

Changed Our Society.

Leonardo has did a lot in his life time he is a amazing man. He has changed they society By Painting , Creating things & etc. Now in the world we live in now has a lot of inventors and painters, musicans, & artists .

Created Change For Other People

The Painting The Last Supper people and there religion uses the picture and Mona Lisa was used in history books his talents has encouraged others to go out and do what they love.

City && Country Of Birth

Leonardo was born April 15, 1452 in Vinci Italy.

3 Fats About Leonardo work\creation

  1. He spented 6 year honing his technical skills ( art, drawing, sculpting , and be came a member of the Guild Of Saint Luck by the age 20.
  2. He became a independent master in 1478.
  3. His interests and intellect traversea so many discipilres that he symbolized the term Renaissance man.