Tammy Tang

Bill: Have More Homeless Shelters Near School Districts

What and why this bill:

There are times when we mess up and have nowhere else to go. Sometimes it isn't even a child's fault.

Reasons of homelessness can be from abuse, financial problems, and family disagreements. When this happens... a child turns to homeless shelters so they could have place to stay and sleep in at night temporarily. The homeless shelter includes a safe place to sleep at night so they could get their life together and get back on track with other services that are provided such as job training, tips, advices, guidance, the soup kitchen and etc.

With the help of homeless shelters, homeless kids/teens could get caught up in their life with a difference in willingness to help from you

Why is this a good bill for the people?

Reasons why this bill may be hard to pass?

Who would like this bill?

  • Volunteer members
  • Kids/teens who are homeless
  • The community- because there will be less people living on the streets
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Who would dislike this bill?

  • Citizens who think that this would be a waste of money
  • Tax payers
  • Homeless kids/teens who feel that they are in denial and don't want/need help
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Homeless Shelters Around

By the Department of Housing and Urban Development, there are studies that about 5 millions Americas qualify to take advantages of homeless shelters each year. There are not enough organizations and programs out there that can help the homeless youth because the programs are either far away from the child or that there are limited amount of space per shelter.

Why should we help the homeless?


June 2, 2009 at 11:19 pm

The first step in helping the homeless is to recognize that they are people just like you and I.

As for how you personally can help the homeless – I suggest that you contact your local area homeless shelter and offer to volunteer some of your time. That might provide you with further insight into some ways in which you can help.

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Why should we help the homeless?


September 9, 2009 at 2:32 pm

I strongly agree and disagree with helping the homeless. I may only be 16 years old and in high school but when i hear “oh just give the homeless a house or lets help the homeless or give them are money” well no deserves a house for free and there isn’t alot we can do to help the homeless when half the world can barley help them selfs, and giving the homeless money isn’t going to help that much cause at the end of the day there just going to need more. Another thing is alot of homeless don’t even deserve are help since they are hooked on drugs. But a good way to help the homeless is to talk to them see if there a good person and and not hooked on drugs and that if you got space at your house help them get on there feet. Cause in the end we’re all human and treat others as you would want them to treat you, and every persons help matters.

Why should we help the homeless?


September 15, 2009 at 7:38 pm

Just giving money isn’t the answer. Some of the homeless are actively seeking jobs, and sometimes need help to be presentable – helping them get a fresh set of clothes, a razor, some deodorant..can make enough of a difference to help. Once they have their own source of income, they can get off the streets.

Others are in a bad place mentally, and need a friend just to show them that they’re still human. Over time, they may get to the point that they’re ready to take the next step, and do what it takes to get off the street.

How would we get money to fund for this?

January 5th 2016,

In Los Angeles, California, California state senators announced plans for a massive financial initiative for building permanent housing for the homeless across the entire state. Los Angeles is home to the highest concentration of unsheltered homeless Californians.

They proposed "no place like home" - $2 billion - the funds would be available in early 2017