Happy New Year from BONDI BASC

Welcome, Term One


Welcome to Bondi BASC, our first newsletter for 2016.

We had a great time opening and showing off our Educators talents at the school Chinese New Year and dance celebrations last Friday. The children made festive Chinese fans with Mel in arts & crafts while others enjoyed getting their face painted as their favorite geisha in the playroom and taking photos in our photo booth.

It was great to see so many families involved and supportive and we all look forward to building relationships with you all as the year progresses.

Educators 2016
Kindergarten - Amelia, Jess & Taylor
Year 1 - Courtney & Rachelle
Year 2 - Jacinta & Jake
Year 3 - Geordie & Matt (G)
Year 4 - Michelle, Clare & Mel
Year 5 and 6 - Tash, Tom & Luke

plus all our friendly additional Educators!


Anzac Day
Autumn Vacation Care
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