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November 2016

Welcome: We Are Thankful for You!

Mooresville High School is a GREAT place to work. Each day we are blessed to work with the most talented, compassionate, fun group of educators who show up every day for kids. Yes, we have had many opportunities for growth and character building each day with construction and circumstances beyond our control, but what truly makes our staff the best is our ability to rally together as #oneMooresville to do what is best for every child, every day no matter the situation.

Your Tech and Media team are proud to work alongside each of you, and we hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday!!!

~April, Tracey, Damien, Kristi, and Erin

How to Make the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner: Snoopy-style

Making Thanksgiving Dinner | A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

M-Powerment Focus: M-3 "Standards Aligned Lessons"

For teachers, our standards are the roadmap we use to arrive at our final destination. We wouldn't get in the car to head to Disney World without plugging it into our GPS to help us find the best route to reaching Mickey and his friends. The same can be said for teaching. Making sure our daily lessons are aligned to our curriculum's standards ensures we and our students arrive at the right destination at the end of the year whether that destination is the NCFE, EOC, AP Exam, a final theater or band performance, or Pass and Review--following our standards helps us to be the best teachers we can be.

This month's newsletter focuses on resources that will help you build those standards aligned lessons and stay the course for success!!!

Instructional Strategy: Quizizz

Quizizz, which is an alternative to Kahoot, has recently added some new features!

  • Add Quizzes to collections and get things better organized.

  • Like your favorite Quizzes.

  • Discover quizzes based on popularity, recency and more

Read more about other new features here!

Quizizz New Features

Literacy Focus: NewsELA

The district recently purchased Newsela Pro. Many of you have been using Newsela's free version for years to incorporate more informational and primary document sources into your lessons with standards aligned quizzes. Now, with the pro feature you can do so much more in terms of teacher/student interaction with the articles and data tracking. Check out the video below to learn more about Newsela's Pro Features.

When you are ready to use Newsela pro you and your students will access it through the Digital Resources page--your classes are preloaded for you and they sync with Powerschool. All you have to do is start assigning!!!!

If you have questions, please see April Davala for assistance :)

PRO Overview- What is Newsela PRO?

Tech Check-up

  • Laptop Checks will begin after the Thanksgiving Break. Please keep this in mind. Students will be coming to your room to look over laptops. If it’s a bad day, just tell them and they will come back

  • I’ve heard a lot about teachers “dealing” with issues on laptops and with other technology. Don’t do this to yourself, normally if something is broken, or not working properly we can try to fix it. If I don’t know it’s a problem, I won’t know to fix it.

  • Google Apps for Education (Google Drive) has been officially renamed G Suite for Education. Here are some really cool features that may make your life easier. Seriously, you should check it out: Link

  • Don’t forget that you can borrow help desk students to help your students understand and learn about unfamiliar tech tools. We’re always looking for new things to do.

  • Teachers are required to have laptop cases on their laptops, just like the students. I realize that the cases you have can sometimes break, sorry, and even worse, we’re not the fastest to replace them. They’re about $60 bucks a piece. So for your Holiday Wishlist, I’d like you to invite you to check out these. They will fit your laptop and make a good present.

  • A brief word on Social Media -- don’t use it to take pictures of your students and post it on your own social media. Also, a reminder not to post during school hours.

  • If you have any issues with wireless networks or anything please email me. I’ll try to fix it ASAP.

  • A reminder to make sure students have their school issued backpack and their laptop cases on their computer. If you see a student without this, please let me know.

From the Media Center

We are fortunate to have access to a few digital resources that help teachers create standards-aligned lessons. As you plan activities for your students, please consider using the three tools below. Each resource allows you to search the content by our state’s curriculum standards in addition to Common Core standards.

  1. Discovery Education Login with Active Directory info

When flipping your lessons, select videos for students that are aligned to your curriculum objectives. If you aren’t already doing so, utilize the Math, Science or Social Studies Techbooks for additional instructional support.

Click on the Curriculum Standards Search to find specific resources for your content.

2) iCurio Login with Active Directory info

Access aligned content within icurio by clicking on Search Standards and choosing among the strands for your content’s objectives. Embed these resources into choice boards for your students or add the direct links to Learn.

The level defaults to Middle, so change the level to High for more relevant results.

3) SAS Curriculum Pathways Login via Clever

Browse Resources to search by CCSS or NC standards. Or click on For Educators to search by Strategies. Any of these resources can be included in station or remediation activities.

As always, if you need assistance navigating these tools or locating standards-aligned material for your lessons, please don’t hesitate to contact Brawley & Stutts. We can also provide informational texts and a different learning environment for your students.


A big Blue Devil shoutout goes to Tiffany Cavicchia for becoming a National Board Certified teacher. Becoming Nationally Board Certified is one of the highest honors for a teacher. Congratulations Tiffany on this great honor.
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Why You Should Thank A Teacher Today
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