Soak in Hoopla w/ a Front Row Seat

July 16, 2019

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Hey 1st Impressions Team!

WOW! Did we have the best Hoopla experience in Denver! So much excitement around the new line (which is live for EVERYONE today), the training around YOU DO YOU (work your biz through pop ups, virtually, and/or 1:1--anyway you want), and the awesome way to share this sweet side gig with the New Style Kit (see below).

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Here are a few great takeaways from our awesome teammates:

Shana Wickham

1. I found some new features on MiMi that I wasn't aware of.

2. Show your TRUE self bc it's more relatable for your buyers

3. Make sure your VIP groups have a purpose. Kind of trying to create connections with each individuals.


1. I loved learning how to take amazing pictures for insta etc. by holding down the photo button to take shutter pics.
2. Add text to videos so they know what your referring to when the sound is off.
3. Use task in mini to help schedule, follow up etc


1. Navigating social media to best support our businesses online

2. Being a genuine and relatable person is just as important as showing the product, if you be you it shows other women the importance of being themselves as well

3. Everyone has had a struggle at some time in their Stella journey, keep your end goals in mind though and keep working through the more challenging times


1. I was especially excited about the mimi tools we were taught and the upcoming custom style board feature coming later in August.

2. I am also excited for the creative vision and the fashion forward focus our design team talked about.

And of course there's so much more we learned and enjoyed which you can too by watching the highlights here!

* You can watch each breakout live weekly during Tuesday Trainings (1pm ET / 10am PT). Recordings will be available in Mimi.


🌟 The New Style Kit 🌟 (formerly known as the Starter Kit)

It’s Gorgeous. It’s You Choose. It’s the 1st step on a beautiful new journey with Stella & Dot.

Here’s How It Works:

* $149 ($179 CA) you choose from a:
- Must Have Top
- Delicate Necklace
- Everyday Statement Earring
- Delicate Earring
- Stacking Bracelet
- Clutch

* Then you can add on up to 5 Style Sets (see below) and a Display Items Set all priced from $59 - $99!

The Style Sets can ONLY be added on during sign-up, a new Stylist can NOT go back and purchase more Style Sets at a later date. She can add all 6 sets or none or 2 or 3, up to her!

A new Stylist still earns 50% off sampling for her first 30 days on any additional items!

The best way to help your new Stylists collection grow? Help her maximize her Quickstart and Jumpstart rewards and earn it free!

Who do you know that would make an incredible Stella & Dot Stylist? Reach out to her TODAY! ❀️

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Style sets

LOCAL TEAMMATES: You're Invited to See the New Line at My House Tomorrow!

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Fun listening while working out, driving, folding laundry, etc:

Ready to share the style with your customers this summer? Why not offer to bring the style to them or do an online show so they can enjoy FREEBIES?!

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happy sampling!

As always, please reach out if I can help you with anything. I'm excited to launch the 2nd half of this year with you in strength, abundance, & FUN!



Founding Star Director