King Phillip II

Good king Phillip II

Family & Upbringing

Phillip the II was born May 21, 1527, in Valladolid Spain. He died September 13, 1598 in El Escorial. His full name is Phillip II of Spain. His spouses were Anna of Austria, Elizabeth of Valois, Mary I of England, and Maria Manuela. Phillip II had eight kids. He's parents were Isabella of Portugal and Charles V.

How They Came to Power & Popularity

Phillip the II parents were Isabella of Portugal and Charles V the holy emperor. Phillip II received power of Milan from Charles V in 1540 and the kingdoms of Naples and Sicily in1554 from his marriage to Mary of England. He Governed Spain in its "Golden Age".

Absolute Rule

Absolute rule means a person who rules an entire region or area.

Education & Experience

He received his education in Spain, his Tutor was Dr. Juan Martinez Pedernales. Dr. Juan Martinez Pedernales was also his confessor, he supposedly didn't do his duty really well. Don Juan de Zuniga was appointed to teach him the use of arms, he had very poor pupil. When Phillip was young he was more interested in desk work than saddle and to a pen then to the sword.

Interesting Facts About King Phillip

  • Beloved by his Spanish subjects
  • Family was very important
  • he had loved music and art
  • Collections of masterpieces in his Escorial
  • Good at History and Politics
  • Passionate about collecting rare books and works of art
  • Religious man