Meyer's Science 6 S'more Page

This S'more will reflect my learning in the Science 6 Class

Introduction to Science 6

The Introduction to Science 6

My favorite lab would have to be the Sand Lab. I chose the Sand Lab because I got to see sand like I had never seen it before. It was really fascinating because the little grains looked like big rocks. I had fun with my elbow partner during this lab, I hope we will be working with sand again during our labs.

Meyer Saad

Hi my name is Meyer Saad. I love playing soccer; you can catch me playing soccer everyday. I am a fan of the New York Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers. One thing I like to do in my free time is play FIFA 17. Another thing is to watch soccer, football, or baseball on TV. Some Saturdays, I go to a place called The Olde Ship. It is a British pub where my dad and I go to watch early Premier League games. I have a pretty big family: I have two sisters, one brother, a dog, and two parents.
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