villa was the perfect home for us

A Golden Homes III

A Golden Homes III villa was the perfect home for us

After much haggling and epic discussions that seemed to last an eternity, my parents had finally relented and decided to come to Bangalore to live out their days with my family and I. This arrangement would allow them to spend more time with their grandchildren and would give me the opportunity to care for them, now that they had both retired.

While all this sounded fine and dandy, a rather unseemly issue had raised its ugly head in the midst of all this loveliness. That issue was the problem of space. Our present rented apartment would be bursting at the seams when faced with the prospect of 4 adults and 2 children! This definitely presented quite a problem, and we decided to resolve this by buying a new home.

After scouring of the internet for Bangalore real estate, we had arrived at one of the upcoming projects in Bangalore that truly made our hearts sing. That property quite clearly was Golden Homes III!

If it was space we wanted, then these villas in Sarjapur Road provided us with the very thing with villas that extended right up to 4,000 sq.ft! These homes would now comfortably house my parents, my brat kids, my husband and yours truly! What’s more, these villas presented elegant designs, fine elevations, luxurious living areas and a selection of superb amenities.

Speaking of amenities, this property had it all and more, from a parlour and salon, a shopping centre, steam and sauna facilities, a coffee shop, a swimming pool and even a ladies activity centre. My children would also have plenty to expend their never ending supply of energy on with the tennis and badminton courts, the skating rink, the billiards table, and their very own pool and play area at the property.

The thing that pleased me most about these villas in Sarjapur Road was the lush greenery that seemed to be everywhere you looked. This greenery was briefly interrupted by natural water bodies, a butterfly park as well as a bird bath. Besides this, the property would also provide beautiful flowering plants and fruit trees, and this would provide the perfect setting for my parents to relax and live out their retired days!

In the end it was an easy decision to purchase a 3 BHK here, and we hopped right to it! Now, you could have the Golden Homes III life too, visit for more information.