On to the Future

What I found out about me

Personality Type

What I ended up finding out was that I am an ISFJ personality type. Which means that I am reliable, patient, supportive, imaginative, loyal and hard working. Through this information I was able to find out that I am suitable to be an Interior Designer. That only confirmed what I wanted to do for my future. It turns out Rosa Parks is an ISFJ as well.

My Holland Code

My Holland Code is AECISR. The Holland Code is a personality test to help you figure out what career will suit you best. The careers that my personality is best suited for is Interior Designer, Editor, Creative Writer, and Commercial and Industrial Designer.

Colleges that offer my Major

The college that I want to go to is the University of Texas in Austin. This college offers the Interior Design major that I am looking for. Another college that offers the major that I want to do is the Art Institute of Austin.

The outlook for my career choice

The out look for my job is 4% slower than average

The skills necessary for my career choice

-Artistic Ability


-Detail Oriented

-Interpersonal Skills

-Problem-Solving Skills


My ultimate career goal

My ultimate career goal is to have my bachelors degree in interior design and create an interior design business with my sister. She already has her bachelors in interior design and all I have to do is get mine and start the business with her. She is currently living in Texas so once I graduate I'm going to college in Texas so we can start our business there together. There aren't a lot of details to this plan just yet but that is the general goal for my future currently.