Angela's ashes

Frank McCourt

Author's purpose

The author purpose of the book was inform us on how it was growing up in poverty. His purpose was also to get across message about poverty, and how it effects the life of people. He used his life story to give you clear example and also to get the message across , he grew up in poverty, lost his mother and some of his siblings due to poverty. Frank's mother who was Angela also grew up in poverty and he was also born into poverty and struggled a lot growing up.

Principles and techniques learned

A. I learned that you are going to be effected by decisions made by others and you may have no control over it. But you one thing you do have control over is how you let it effect you.

B. Another thing i learned is that because of how society was and still is, you can be denied a lot of opportunities because of who you were, where you came from and even your religion.

c. I also learned that going through certain experiences in life can be a blessing or a lesson. But you also have that choice to decide what it could be.

Greatest impression chapter 3

"Angela despairs at the reduced sixteen shillings a week that the family has to live on. Because Eugene and Oliver have died, the family gets less money from public assistance. Malachy McCourt Sr. takes himself off on long walks into the countryside and looks for work. When he does find work, he drinks away his earnings. In his mind, the dole money goes to his family, and the money he earns with a day’s work on a farm goes to the bar." After Angela and her family move back to Ireland they were face with more poverty then they did back in new York, they struggle finding a home, feeding their kids, and manitaning their home. They kept losing more kids because of their poverty and not having money to take care of their kids. pg. 89

Rate, 4

I would rate this book a 4. I like how the message was told about poverty, i thought frank and his brothers went through real poverty but i also feel as if his parents were part of him and his siblings troubled childhood. Angela herself grew up in poverty, but she had a chance to better herself by going to school, instead she dropped out of school, got pregnant at a young age and kept having kids. Angela's husband on the other hand had a job and even though it wasn't a stable job, he still had a paid job that could support his family but instead he spend his money on alcohol and his family had to struggle due to his alcohol abuse.

Two passages chapter 2

Angela and her family arrived in Ireland and went to her husband's parents place in northern Ireland, Malachy's mother tells him there are no jobs in Ireland and that staying in New York would've been a better choice. His father also told to go to the IRA and ask for money for his service he did in Ireland. When they to the IRA the next morning Malachy was told he couldn't get any money for his service because there was no prove.

After a while Olivier got sick and had to be taken to the hospital but he died. After the death of Oliver nothing changed, Malachy used alcohol to deal with the death of Oliver. He used his pay check to buy drinks instead of feeding his family and because of their condition of living 6 months later Angela and her husband lost another one of their kids. Eugene was Olivier's twin brother and he was the third child that Angela and her husband lost in a year.

Main issue in the book

The main issue the book addresses is poverty and what causes poverty. Frank McCourt did a job getting the message about poverty across, sharing his childhood story about how his life was effected because of poverty. There were many things that played a big impact on Frank and his brother's childhood that they had control over, but Frank used his humor and laughter as a medicine to his struggle. Although i feel like the McCourt family poverty was by choice and it was mainly effected by his father's alcohol abuse, there were choices made by both Angela and her husband's which i a huge impact on their children childhood and those choices were bad. Something that surprised me was that Angela and her husband kept having kids even though they could barely support the ones they already have.