Tiger Family Newsletter Jan 25-31

All the important deets to stay in the know!

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May It Be of Benefit

Hello Families,

We are well into our first month of 2021 and students are getting back into the routines of in-person school. Moving from DL to in-person and back again has been difficult for all. I am hopeful we are on the path to STAY in-person, but we need your help. New guidelines have come out from the California Department of Public Health describing the conditions under which schools must operate if they are to stay open for in-person instruction. EESD's plan for remaining in-person has not yet been sent to the CDPH, but one of the changes coming will be that ALL students, K-12 will need to wear masks at all times at school (except while eating and drinking). Please help us by making sure your child has a mask that is comfortable enough for them to wear throughout the day. Furthermore, studies show that masks need to be washed after daily use (unless you are using disposable masks). Disposable masks must be replaced daily. So, be sure you have a few on hand. I recommend you keep a stash in the car. However, there is an adult at each entrance gate in the mornings with an emergency supply should a student occasionally forget their mask.

We continue to keep students in stable groups (cohorts), provide as much physical distance as possible between student desks, and enforce frequent hand washing. I am committed to keeping you informed of changes as information becomes available, and our staff is committed to following all safety precautions so that we can keep teaching students in person.

With gratitude,

Mrs. Gold

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Distance Learning Classes for 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades

We hope your transition to dedicated DL teachers/classes has been a positive one. As a resource, here are links to the 3 new DL classes/teachers.

Mrs. Alcover (3rd)

Mrs. Fraser (4th Grade) This is where all SM 4th graders are

Mr. Hemeon (4th and 5th Grade Combination) This is where all SM 5th graders are