Harriet Tubman

By Donna Hernandez

Born 1820 -Died March 10,1913

Harriet Tubman was an African-American abolitonist, humanitarian, and a Union spy during the American Civil War.


Harriet Tubman was born to enslaved parents. Her mother Harriet "Rit " Green was owned by Mary Pattison Brodess. Her father Ben Ross was owned by Anthony Thompson, who married Married Mary Brodess. Harriet was one of the nine children of Rit and Ben. Harriet's early life was full of hardship. Physical violence was part of daily life for Tubman and her family.


Harriet married a free black man. Harriet was an African-American bond woman who escaped from slavery. Harriet went back to rescue family and non-family members. Harriet's real name was Araminta Harriet Ross. Her nickname was Minty. She was a conductor.S he did not have much of an education because she was a slave girl.

Quotable Quote

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember you have within the strength, the patience, and the passion, to reach for stars to change the world."

Life lesson

I learned that Harriet faught for us and she was an amazing person, even even though she didn't have a education because she was a slaved person.

five words

amazing, brave, helpful, memorable, and strong,

five facts

  1. Harriet was born on the Eastern shore.
  2. Harriet was married to a free black man when she was 24.
  3. She was the first woman to lead in an armed expedition in the war when she lead the Cambahee River Raid.
  4. She died of pneumonia.
  5. Harriet was an disabled person.
Harriet Tubman - Mini Bio