"Stop Cyber bullying"

"what is cyber bullying?"

cyber- bullying is to use electronic communication to bully a person bye sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.
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"Examples of cyber-bullying"

~cyber-bullying can happen 24 hours a day.

~cyber-bullying messages and images can be posted anonymously.

~includes mean messages, rumors sent by email or posted on social network site.

"Three difference between cyber-bullying & bullying"

the difference between cyber-bullying and bullying is that cyber-bullying is when someones sends bad emails or posts bad things about that person online, and bullying is when someone bullies other physical.

"Effects of cyber-bullying"

*Use alcohol and drugs

*Skip school

*Have lower self- esteem

*Have more health problems

*Receive poor grades

"Prevention & Awareness"

  1. -Be aware of what your kids are doing online
  2. -Establish rules about technology
  3. -Be checking your child does online
  4. -Pay attention to your child while he's to much online
  5. -Don't make bad decisions

"Establish Rules"

  • Not sharing password with their friends
  • Not share a lot of your private information online
  • Have every web site private

"Reporting a cyber-bullying'

  1. Report cyber-bullying to online service providers
  2. Report cyber-bullying to law Enforcement
  3. Report cyber-bullying to schools

"Report to your online service provider"

  • Review their terms and conditions or rights responsibility section.
  • Report cyber-bullying to the social media site so they can take action against users abusing the term of service

"Report to your local law enforcement"

  1. threats of violence
  2. stalking and hate crimes
  3. taking a photo or a video of someone would expects privacy

"Report to your school"

  • school can use the information to help inform prevention & response strategies