Tallulah Falls

By: Mallory P.

Discovering Tallulah

Look at the crystal blue waters swaying back and forth with a lovely waterfall to top it all off. Do you know what landform I’m talking about, I’m talking about the marvelous Tallulah Falls. Tallulah Falls is a wonderful landform that is located in the Tallulah Park on the Northeast part of Georgia. The Native Americans discovered Tallulah and the settlers gave Tallulah its name. I chose Tallulah Falls to research because when I looked at the information it looked interesting to learn about.

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Tallulah's History

There is no doubt that Tallulah Falls is a mash a 6 waterfalls different cascading together. And Tallulah George is an ancient chasm that has been formed by the vast Tallulah River. Tallulah also has a breathtaking resort with hiking, biking, and a walking/viewing trial. The last thing is that Tallulah‘s resort has these outstanding pools and also a place you can see the endangered animals. But don’t worry the animals are safe.

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Endangered animals

In fact Tallulah Falls home to several safe endangered animals. Some you may have never heard of. But no matter what animal if you have heard of it or not it’s still endangered. So that’s another reason why Tallulah is such a great place. There is also several endangered animals too.

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Rare Plants

I personally have never been to Tallulah Falls but I would love to go. Tallulah is also home to many rare species of animals and plants. One of the plants is the Grass-of-Parnassus and the pink orchid, so not just animals can be rare. But anyways I have never heard of any plants like that. Have you ever heard of any plants like that or animals?

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Reviewing Tallulah

Anyways as you have learned here Tallulah Falls is home to several endangered animals and rare plant. Also it’s in the Northeast part of Georgia. Another thing is that it’s an interesting place to learn about. So that's lesson for you about Tallulah Falls. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing.
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