Catherine Called Birdie Book Report

Presented by: Gregory Chikan. Book by: Karen Cushman


This is a story about Catherine who is a princess in a castle in England 1290. This book is the journal she had to write to please her brother Edward, who is a monk and goes on crusades. This story begins in September when her father makes Catherine get married to a rich man. But Catherine doesn't want to, she doesn't want to be trapped in a castle for the rest of her life with boredom. She tries everything to get out of it, until.....

Read the book to find out.

She is called birdie because in her bedroom she keeps a bunch of birds, especially finches, she Says.


Takes place in a village in southern England, 1290. A world that was way different then ours: the medieval world. They had different ways then, in which we don't understand. The castles they had were huge and the keep inside was all for the royal family. There is a village surrounding fairly close to the castle with a main road going down it. There is a church at the side of the castle walls where the monks live. The keep is in the middle of the castle walls. In the distance surrounding farmlands where the poor people live.



I really liked the book because it shows the perspective of some medieval people. Also it gives me a sensation of middle age ways. It is based on a true story of a girls journal they found. I really enjoyed this book!!!!