the Han story line

How it began

Liu Bang was a peasant. Then there was war for 4 years. Liu Bang won against the Xiang Yu and became emperor. He changed his name to Han Gaozu and made the Han Dynasty.


Liu Bang was a good leader.He gave large amount of land to the people, lowered the taxes, made the punishments less harsher. He over threw the Qin leader. Liu was the first common person to become emperor. He liked peasants and soldiers which helped him maintain control. He wanted to free people from harsh government. But on the other hand, Widdi changed the way the government worked. He wanted to create a stronger government so he toke back the land, made taxes higher, made punishments harsh again, and divided the land into 4 parts.

1.Emperor, court, scholars

2. Peasants

3. Artisans

4. Merchants

Not indicated with wealth or power. The emperor and court lived in a palace while, others lived in multiple houses around the courtyard. As you can see he isn't a good leader.


The emperor was the head of the government. So if he had to make a new law, he will ask the government so they can add it to the law. He'll create laws, heading armed fords, and serving as the chief. They passed their thrones to sons or relatives. They also have to be completely honest, and obedient.

The inventions

Here are the 4 main inventions. The paper-making was important for writing. A compass is used to tell the difference from North, South, West, and East. Gun powder was important because gun powder are in the guns. With out gun powder you can't shoot a gun. The printing press are great for book, the Bible, and theories. Here are some other inventions, mathematics are for learning, reading, and writing. Metallurgy is materials science and engineering.Astronomy is studying the stars and planets. I love this one because agriculture is land. You can farm on the land. Isn't that great?

How it ended

There were too many fights for the throne because there were older sons or relatives. There were internal struggles with family. Xian was the last emperor.Han army fought against the Red Cliffs. Han army was defeated by the Red Cliffs. Cao Cao was forced to retreat to home base.