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Villa Amrita: The Little Things 2

We are always trying to do something new, something different to make ourselves stand out. We know that Ubud, Bali is full of a lot of great places to stay, lovely villas, resorts and hotels all throughout the area. From the humble home stay to the manicured gardens at the Four Seasons, it’s the little things that make real difference between at accommodation in Ubud.

Ubud villas are well known for great architecture, stupendous views, wonderful service and luxury amenities, so it is important that we go the extra mile to make each guests’ stay extra enjoyable and unforgettable. We continually improve ourselves, maintain our edge and grow to meet the expectations of our honored guests.

Villa Amrita is one villas in Ubud that strives to build a brand, to offer an experience and to create something fresh, impressive and memorable. Villa Amrita is a place that stays in the mind long after you have returned to the normal routine of your everyday life.

Together we have immersed ourselves in the creation of ice cream. It is our passion to be different and to be special. We know that a little bit of care and consideration goes a long way. We are now making homemade ice cream for guests. Just a little something on a hot day, tasty, homemade ice cream is a treat that lingers on.

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