Marceline the Vampire Queen

By Tayah Muscroft

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Marceline the vampire queen is one of the main characters in the series Adventure Time. Marceline is a half demon/ half vampire who is immortal and is over a thousand years old but appears as a 18 year old. When Marceline first met Finn and Jake she didn't like them and despite initially being their enemy Marceline quickly became one of Finn and Jakes closet friend


Marcelines personality is like a roller coaster sometimes she angry, manipulative, mischevious and sometimes shes loving and caring. Marceline grew up alot by herself which resulted in her being very reserved. In the episode, It came from the Nightoshpere, Marcelines father returns and Marceline is angry and annoyed with her dad. When Marceline was little her father ate her fries and Marceline thougt he didn't love her. Marceline had written a song about her dad eating her fries which Finn played to her father and Mareline was embarrased. Marceline just wanted her dad to love her.
Fry Song (Original Studio Version)


Marceline often puts a brave face on, and has a sassy, independent and wild personality, however in quieter times she has revealed a soft vulnerability and admitted to feeling as if having no friends. Despite her wild, scary and unpredictable nature, she is friends with Finn and Jake. She also appears to have a complicated love hate relationship with Princess Bubblegum.


In a episode it shows a flashback of the Ice King giving Marceline a doll to comfort her during the war. In the episode "Finn the Human," it is confirmed that Marceline met the Ice King before the war as they were together before the detonation of the Mushroom Bomb. The Ice King was actually a normal human before he started wearing the crown which changed him into the Ice King and when he was in the middle of changing he found marceline after the mushroom war and she stuck by him most of her childhood. Simon was a father figure to Marceline, but once Simon had changed he didn't remember anything.


Overall Marceline's title 'The Vampire Queen' isn't what it seems. Although she comes across as a scary, mischievous rocker chick in reality she is a loving and caring vampire who loves playing music and just wants to be loved by friends.