Boston Marathon Donation

Please come join the drive to support those who suffered

Our special day is coming soon

January 1-January 31 we as a community are holding a food, money, and clothing drive for anyone still suffering from the Boston Marathon bombings. For those who are unaware, this horrific event happened during the year of 2013 in April, but many are still suffering from loss and possibly many serious injuries. These bombs were set up at the finish line of the race by two brothers, Tamerian and Dzokhar Tsarnaev, when the bombs were set off they killed 3 and wounding almost 180 other runners.

Donation Drive for Boston Marathon

Friday, Jan. 1st, 8am to Sunday, Jan. 31st, 3pm

279 Collins Road Northeast

Cedar Rapids, IA

Inside of the Cedar Rapids Hy-Vee there will be volunteers with boxes for clothing, food or money from 8am to 3pm collecting donations for those in need. Even the smallest donation can make the biggest impact on someones life or recovery. At the end of our event, January 31, we will mail all of our donations up to Boston and they will then be divided up as needed, for those suffering, and given off to the families in great need of our help.