Martha's Mission Statement

Seminar Class


My goal is to graduate from the Early College with a two year associate degree. I hope to maintain a high GPA of an A, B average. After I graduate I wish to attend a 4 year university. There I am hoping to receive my doctorate in the medical field. While in college I will put my full effort to complete all assignments. I want to keep myself well organized so that I can put in my full effort all the time. I plan on being a good and productive student. If I keep up what I have kept up with until now I should be able to accomplish all these things.


After graduating from a four year college with a doctorate in the medical field, I plan on finding a job. I want to be a pediatrician for babies and kids when I am older. I thought about opening my own place, but I think that I would rather work for someone else first and after I get more experience I will move up and make my own place. I really don't want to go out of the state because I don't want to leave family behind. So I want to stay close to here and take care of my family as well. I am sure that I will complete this.


In life I want to go far. I want to accomplish many things and make many people proud. My parents work so hard to let me get a great education so I want to pay them back by taking excellent advantage of what they let me do. I want to have a nice job and have a decent pay check. I want to have a great family and many kids. I will teach them the way that my parents taught me. They are my examples in life. There examples are what I'm going to follow and what I am going to pass down to my kids. I am very confident in that I will accomplish anything that I set my mind to.