First Grade Feature

Feb. 1 - Feb. 5

Upcoming Events

  • February 5- Thursday Special Class Rotation
  • February 1- February 8- Stuco "Heartlines" go on sale
  • February 10- SPE Papa John's Night
  • February 12- SPE Valentine's Party (PTA)
  • February 12- Monday Special Class Rotation
  • February 15- NO SCHOOL President's Day
  • February 19- Monday Special Class Rotation
  • February 26- Yearbook Orders Due
  • February 26- Tuesday Special Class Rotation
  • March 18- Student Treasure Books Orders Due

100th Day of School Celebration

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-important items-

Student Treasure Book Orders

We have been working on a HUGE writing project. We are making a class book which will be published! Your student will have the opportunity to have their very own copy to treasure forever.

Order Forms came home today.

All Forms Due Back March 18th, regardless if you decide to order or not. If everyone returns their form, our class will receive a book we can keep in our class library for years to come.

Heartlines on Sale

Heartlines will be sold from Monday Feb 1st- Mon Feb 8th.

These are notes with a piece of candy attached to send to special people here at Sunny Pointe. They will be sold for $.25 each.

Yearbook Orders

Yearbooks are on sale now!! Please see attached order form. Order Deadline: February 26

February Birthdays

February 2nd- Aiden

February 12th- Jonathan

February 24th- Mrs. Jobe

Birthday Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that all Birthday Treats must be prepackaged.

Also a reminder that treats may be brought to school in the AM or dropped off by parents. Unfortunately, to avoid interruption, parents will not be able to come down. Thank you for your understanding.


Genevieve was last week's Star Student. She wants to be an Art Teacher when she grows up and enjoys drawing in her free time. Genevieve loves school because she loves to learn. Her favorite food is "sweets!"


Parris was our Star Student this week. In Parris' free time she loves to watch movies, ride her scooter, and play monopoly. Parris likes school because she gets to learn and make new friends!



Multi-syllable Words Con't

Reader's Workshop:

Informational- Student Choice

Writer's Workshop:

Realistic Fiction

  • Conventions

Math Workshop:

Unit 5- Addition and Subtraction Relationships

  • Use Addition to Check Subtraction
  • Problem Solving: Add or Subtract

Social Studies:

Student Treasures Project