Egg Car Project

The car's name is the Griffon. It's nickname the Falcon.


  • Can I protect a egg from crashing.


  • Yes I can stop the egg from crashing.

Measurements and Mass

Length: 12.0, Width: 6.0, Mass of car [ without egg ]: 118.4, Mass of car [ with egg]: 157.7

Vehicle and Builders Names

  • The Griffon or Falcon.
  • Rachel Ebmeier

Vocabulary [ Background Knowledge]

  1. Speed, rapidly moving, going, traveling
  2. Force, physical power or strength
  3. Inertia, a property of matter
  4. Acceleration, increase of speed or velocity
  5. Friction, surface resistance to relative motion, moving
  6. Momentum, force or speed of movement
  7. Potential Energy, stored energy; energy that hasn't been used
  8. Kinetic Energy, energy that is being used; not stored


First, I grabbed a glue box. Second, I put the tissue paper and the egg inside. Third, my mom hot glued the cars to the bottom. Fourth, I put in a container container.
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The chart above is my data.


My car was overweight, but it did save the egg inside. If the egg was real, the answer would of have been different.