My Summer

In South Dakota!

Life Science in South Dakota

In South Dakota I observed buffalo while I was on a jeep tour. This science is classified as life science since buffalo are living creatures. Along the way I learned about what buffalo eat, where they live, and more.

The most interesting thing that happened

When we were in the middle of the jeep tour, the buffalo started to come right by the jeep! They started to graze right by us. The closest one was about 3 feet away. There were a ton of calfs too! This is an example of life science since we were observing the buffalo as they roamed the park. The tour was very exciting. We encountered lots of buffalo, deer, and prairie dogs. The tour was in Custer State Park.

Three things about me!

One thing about me is that I am a optimist. I believe that there is always something good in everything. I also choose to try my best at whatever I am doing. I also love to draw and create things out of different materials like cardboard. I have six people in my family. We play lots of things together (mostly Ultimate Frisbee). We have two teams in our family so it is easy to split up. Mine is Jillian, my dad and I. Aver's is Spencer Mom, and Avery.