Prayer Postcard

Joelle's Monthly Prayer Letter

Avocado Sandwiches

I ended my Quarterly Newsletter by asking you to pray for my trip to Mondulkiri and it seems many of you are keen to know if I had a good time - I did! I got to ride bare-back on an elephants neck and then wash it in a river, drink coffee at a coffee plantation, see pineapples growing wildly on the side of a road and tree's simply dripping with ripe avocado's. I thought for a moment about how much avocado's cost in Tesco's and then chuckled to myself as the owner of our guest house gave us a bag full of freshly picked avocado's to take home. I had yummy avocado sandwiches everyday for a week!

Keen to Integrate

Spending time with old Khmer friends and old expat friends has been really fun, but I was convicted recently that I had stepped back into my old life a little too much. That is, a life with one foot in the Khmer world and one foot in the expat world. If I continued like this, would I ever fully integrate with the Cambodians? And so after much prayer, I've decided to leave the International Church and it's Bible Study and instead get more involved with my Khmer Church. From the 1st July I will be spending two evenings a week at my Khmer church teaching English to deprived children. This is the area my church have asked me to serve in and my hope is that it help me better integrate with Cambodians by:

a.) Improving my Khmer - although I will be teaching English, I will still need to fully instruct the children in Khmer and once my Khmer improves, I also hope to use this time to practice telling some simple Bible stories.

b.) Serving at my Church - although I am not yet in a position to

teach the Bible in Khmer to University students, I am still keen to serve in anyway possible at my church and get more involved with what's going on.

c.) Giving me an opportunity to practice building relationships - the children I will be teaching live in a community at the back of our Church. It would be great if I could get to visit the children's homes and practice introducing myself to strangers and trying to build friendships.

For the reasons above, please pray this new venture would be just the thing I need to improve my Khmer and more fully integrate with the Cambodian people. Also pray that I would have the energy to do the classes at the end of an already full day, would enjoy and love the children, and be able to share something of Christ with them.

Other Prayer Requests

Continue to praise God for His kindness to me and for allowing me to so quickly settle in Cambodia. It just feels so normal to be here and the love I once had for the Cambodian people is beginning to come flooding back!

Pray for non-Christian family and friends who received my quarterly newsletter 'Beautiful Feet' last month. Pray God would use these newsletters for His own Glory and witness. Pray also that I would better know how to write accessible and yet faithful newsletters to such a wide audience.

Continue to pray for my witness on Street 578. I have spoken briefly to a few neighbours and Jimpy (my new puppy) will be coming to help me better befriend them in July. I have had some heads nod approvingly since like everyone else I started sweeping the street early in the mornings in my PJ's!

Please pray that God would help me work through how to live among such horrifying poverty. I have really struggled with feelings of guilt and then repulsion at my comparative abundance. Pray that I would remember a persons status before the throne of God is their most desperate need and remain focused on proclaiming the Gospel.

The General Elections are taking place in July. Protests and rallies can quickly become violent and the parties frequently use bribery and corrupt means to gain votes. Please pray for safe streets and peaceful rallies during this months elections.