AUGUST 21, 2020

Eagle Academy encourages academic excellence by integrating proven instructional methods with a challenging curriculum and high expectations.This combination provides every child with the foundation needed to achieve proficiency of Eagle Academy’s performance standards at each instructional level.

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The 2020-21 school year is finally upon us. Eagle Academy will be scheduling special activities and events throughout the year, as health and safety conditions permit and we know how important it is for you to stay informed about what's happening at school. Below are

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High quality and rigorous instruction are key components of Eagle Academy's academic program. We understand it is the reason many of you have chosen to enroll your students in our school. EACS's specially trained teachers and staff remain 100% committed to providing our students with the highest quality academic instruction possible even under these extraordinary circumstances.

The published EACS Online Schedule below is a broad overview of weekly scheduled opportunities for teachers and students to engage in face-to-face instruction. It was designed (keeping in mind that at some point we hope to resume in-person instruction) to provide our teachers and families the flexibility to schedule additional sessions on a class by class, and case by case basis.

Each K-6 teacher will be communicating any additionally scheduled Zoom sessions to families in their grade level students during the first week of classes.

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Zoombombing has become a cause for concern for teachers and parents during online instruction. For safety and security reasons, teachers will be carefully monitoring participant entry into their instructional zoom sessions.

Individuals will not be admitted to sessions unless teachers and staff can identify their students. Please ensure your student's profile information matches their name. For example, Deanne Carroll, Carroll_Deanne, or Carroll Family (if multiple students are using the same device).

How to CHANGE Your Name in Zoom!
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A Note from our Yearbook Coordinator

I'm not sure what the yearbook will look like this year, but with at least this first part happening at home, we will be depending on families to share pictures!

Please take some pictures and share them (if you don't mind them being in the yearbook). 1 st day pictures are great! Since ASD officially began yesterday but our students won't be online until Tuesday, you still have time! You could also take pictures at the Materials Distribution on Monday from 9 to 3. If you take pictures while your student is zooming, please avoid getting close enough that the names of students are visible.

Yearbook picture opportunities:

  • First day of school
  • Supply pick up Monday 9 to 3
  • School /desk area at home
  • Drive by the school and do a photoshoot outside :)

You can FB message pictures to me. You can also email/text them to me (Jeeperjoebundy@yahoo.com or 907-884-5008) but please make sure they aren't condensed. They need to be full size to best use them in the yearbook.

*Protip: don't zoom in a lot on your pictures. It is easier on our program to crop out the background instead of being forced to use the size the picture is.

Thank you,

Jennifer Bundy

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Eagle Academy sponsors “Spalding Night” training sessions. We will discuss Spalding and the use of the phonogram cards and techniques to help study spelling words. Families new to Eagle Academy are required to attend the training to help support your child/ren at home. It is also open to families that need a refresher.

These sessions have typically occurred in-person, however, due to the current Municipal orders, they will occur via Zoom. We have tentatively scheduled two sessions.

Dates & Times

  • Wed., September 9: Time TBD
  • Mon., September 14: Time TBD

You will need a set of phonogram cards. To purchase a set go on to Parent Connect via the ASD website to pre-pay the $15.00 via Zangle/Q:


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This Spalding Phonograms app is designed for helping students learn the phonics connection between speech sounds and written symbols that represent those sounds (phonograms).

Learning the phonograms is essential for accurate and automatic reading, writing, and spelling. Teaching all the sounds of the phonemes represented by an alphabet letter or combination of two, three, or four letters (phonograms) enables students to read, spell, and write high-frequency words quickly. Students who learn the phonograms well expand their vocabulary and are able to use effective and creative communication skills in writing.

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It is hard to tell how long we will be in the High-RIsk Level of the State's Smart Start Plan. However, many families have asked about school supplies. Below is a .pdf attachment of this year's school supply list for those of you that would like to get a jump start on purchasing items that will be needed when we transition to in-person instruction.
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School Uniform Expectations


Research shows that the clothes you wear actually impacts the way you perform. While we encourage your students to dress in their EACS school uniform during their online Zoom sessions with their teachers and classmates, it is not mandatory. Dressing the part, directly and indirectly, lets students know that they are readying themselves for learning.

Should your student decide not to wear their EACS uniform, we do expect students to dress in school appropriate attire.

Medium High-Risk, Medium Low-Risk, Low Risk

Many parents are choosing to wait until we receive notification from the District and Municipality that in-person instruction can take place before ordering uniforms for their students. Please keep in mind that our School Uniform Dress Code will be enforced once we resume in-person instruction. Please refer to page 25 of the EACS School Policy and Procedures Manual.

The PTO does have a collection of gently used/donated uniforms and may be conducting a uniform swap when we get closer to in-person instruction. Stay tuned for more details.

Face Masks

Eagle Academy will be following ASD safety protocols. We view the mask mandate as an extension of our school uniform policy and as such the EACS Academic Policy Board (APB) has issued the following guidance:

  • Parents will provide masks for their student(s);
  • Mask colors shall match school uniform colors and be solid (no prints or designs other than our official school logo)

French Toast has graciously donated one uniform facemask for each student. We will distribute those to students when we resume in-person instruction (Medium-High and Medium-Low Risk levels).

In the event that you are unable to source face masks for your student(s), please contact Principal Carroll.

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What about Volunteer Hours?

The charter of Eagle Academy outlines that each family volunteer at least 16 service hours per school year. Our parent volunteers are one of the reasons that Eagle Academy Charter School is one of the top schools in the Anchorage School District.

Until the Municipality of Anchorage is no longer in a High-Risk level of COVID-19 cases, all ASD facilities will be closed to visitors to limit the spread. Please see the guidelines below if you need to visit an ASD building.

Due to the unusual circumstances surrounding COVID 19 and Health and Safety mandates, the APB has voted to temporarily suspend the requirements for school service for the time being.

The will still be many opportunities for parents to volunteer and support our school. Please check with your student's classroom teachers to see how you can help.

Eagle Academy PTO

Alysia Thayer - Interim President: (303) 378-3097

Amie Mitchell - Interim Treasurer: (907) 830-1604

Haley Gagnon - Secretary: (907) 310-6690

Mindy Edison - Teacher Rep (907) 223-7774

Vanessa Hall - APB Rep: (907) 230-6365

Beth Sherwood - Parent Rep: (907) 362-3499