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ScienceDirect - A subscription database

Our ScienceDirect subscription database equates to $5 million dollars worth of professional science literature and studies. Of course high schools get a significant discount. The publisher Elsevier estimates that this database holds 20% of the world's professional science output. Most articles a very technical. This database content is not available on the free internet. If you need a science article that is not contained in ScienceDirect, email me and I will get it. (kjohnson@)

From home -- log in using these credentials:

  1. Username: seattleacademy
  2. Password: welovescience

Is your writing saved in the Library of Congress?

If you have ever sent a tweet then you are in the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress has the difficult task of creating a searchable archive of tweets a wicked task considering they receive 500 million tweets per day (Yes, you read that right. Per day!). Good luck LOC. You should probably hire some Google programmers.
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