Blue Plate Special

BY Michelle D. Kwasney

Three generations. Three different stories. All connected by something that has been broken...Family. In this novel written by Michelle D. Kwasney you get to read about three different girls. Madeline, Desiree, and Ariel. A mix of combination of fatherless, alcoholics and dead beat mothers.

Madeline, 1977 overweight teen with an alcoholic mother. Suffering through loneliness , as food is her only comfort she watches her mom drink away all of their welfare money. Her moms saying "We both have something common. You eat to much, I drink to much". But one day that changes when she meets a guy that works at McDonald's. Tad< the only guy that has ever payed her any attention. Suddenly her life is turned around as she loses weight, falls in love, and finally feels happy for once. That changes with too many drinks and a drunk driver behind that wheel.

Desiree, 1993 a girl with a mom who is dead beat. Her life just revolves around her friends and boyfriend Jeremy. Partying and barely passing her classes was the way she lived. All of her moms boyfriends have been the same as her mom. Useless, smokers and spending money on drugs. But the boyfriend that her mom has now, Larry is nicer then all of them and even nicer then her own mom is to her. But one rainy day, who knew that accepting a ride and a beer from him would change her life forever .

Ariel, 2009 Smart girl but with an alcoholic mother and a father in jail for murder that she has only seen a couple of times. The only thing she looks forward too is Shane. Her new boyfriend. At first he is sweet and really nice not to mention hot. As time passes by he gets a little to overprotective and starts doing mean jokes. But something unexpected happens, a phone call from a grandma that she is never really known about other then she turned her back on her mother is sick. A trip, a cellphone and the truth revels about the dark past.

I recommend this book to all teenage girls loving books that keep you at the edge of your seat. This book will bring you to tears, laughter then sadness. With a side of mystery you got a book full of romance, mystery and comedy.

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This is baby Ariel after being born to Desiree.
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Picture of a crash because that's how tads life ends. He was on his way to go see Madeline and Madelines mom crashed into him and killed him.