BOOK #1 A Visit From Grey-Eyes

Telemachus is visited by numerous suitors who basically eat him out of house and home. He is visited by Athena who comes to him as Mentes. She puts courage into his heart and gives him the news that his father is still alive. She tells him to travel to Pylos to talk to Nestor and travel to Lacedamon to talk to Menelaus. She tells him to travel for a year and if he does not find his father, he can give him a proper burial.

BOOK#2 Telemachus Gets His Courage

Telemachus decides to tell the suiters to get out and they try to make his mother sound bad by saying how she decieved them. They also make threats. Telemachus sneaks away in the dead of night to go in search of his father. Athena guided telemachus on his epic search for his father. Telemachus knew it was a goddess and was given courage.


In this book, their ship arrives in Pylos, Nestor’s great city. Telemachus approaches Nestor and speaks to him. He and Nestor begin to discuss the Trojan War, who was lost there, and what took place. They then, feast over a heifer. Afterwards, Telemachus and Peisistratus set off on their horses to begin their journey.

BOOK#4 Pinning the old man

Descendants from Zeus came to Menelaus’ island, and they were cared for when they arrived. The all sat down to a feast, where they told stories. Menelaus told stories of how he came to be where he was. The story was basically saying how he was told by a goddess to pin her father, an old man, to figure out which god was angry with him and had subjected him to this terrible island. Telemachus talked with Menelaus about his father, Odysseus, and got some information. Helen put a drug into the wine which made the men weep no more.