Who's protecting the ancient forest

By: Andy

Wilderness Committee

The Wilderness Committee and the Ancient Forest Alliance are trying to protect the ancient forest. The Wilderness Committee is calling British Columbia's government to ban the logging company from cutting down the remains of the old-growth forest. Second-growth forests should be the sole supplier of the province's lumber mills and should be logged at a slower, sustainable rate than they are now. To protect the supply for BC's lumber mills, log exports to off-shore mills must be halted.

Ancient Forest Alliance

When the Ancient Forest Alliance started a petition calling for a protection of BC's endangered old-growth forest, about 22,000 people signed up. Another 1,800 confirmed on the group's website and Facebook page that they would attend a protest rally at the legislature.
Some people are already cutting down large, old trees! The people in the video are cutting down a huge Fir tree and a second-growth Doug fir!!=(
Cutting Down a Huge Fir Tree
falling a nice second growth doug fir
If you want to try to save this old-growth forest, this is where Haida Gwaii is! The red marking is where Haida Gwaii is (it's in British Columbia, Canada).
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We need to work together in order to protect this forest! If you want to cut down these trees, only cut down 1 or 2 and don't cut down the ones that will make history and don't get killed. After you cut down the trees, try to find saplings and plant them (saplings are baby trees).