Popular sports in some countries

Britian, America and Russia

Popular British sport: Golf

Golf is one of the most widespread sport of Great Britian. It was developed in Scotland, so it is Scottish national sport. The essence of the game is not hard: you need to make the ball get into the hole, using the special club. If you think it is easy, you are making a big mistake. There are more than 400 golf courses in Scotland.

Popular American sport: basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports of America. American players are doing their job very good. Basketball is the Most Popular Sport in America after Football & Baseball. Also the 10th most followed sport in the world. Basketball’s Competitions Organized under National Basketball Association (NBA).

Popular Russian sport: Hockey

Hockey is a very popular sport in some cold countries like Russia and Canada. Russian people like hockey very much and our hockey teams are very strong. We can't say that they are the strongest, but we can defeat a strong opponent. The Soviet Union joined the International Ice Hockey Federation in 1952. Our team defeated Canada 7-2 in the gold medal game and would remain a power in international hockey until the breakup of the Soviet Union.


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