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November/December, 2015

Welcome to the November/December edition of the Knowledge Management Newsletter

This is the last update for 2015.

Next year we will be reviewing the way we get this information to you all. In January we will be coming round to ask you what you need your updater to include. We will be able to assist on generic legislative and cases updates and also in relation to more information on specific case law, industries or practice areas (whether globally, from the UK or jurisdiction specific). It is a very exciting time so please make the most of this new offering and let us know what you want.

The KM team will also be going back to basics and up dating our house styles and templates. This is in process. Once we have done this we need to lock down templates and house styles so that everyone uses similar templates (with jurisdictional differences taken into consideration).

Finally the new practice areas on Pink Link for Cayman are now ready for testing. We have made a few changes to the Pink Link platform as far as our library of books are concerned and will be rolling this out in the new year for all.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Your KM Team

Briefings and Articles produced by our competitors


- The Securities Investment Business Law (Mourant I Cayman)

- Going Private: How to Obtain Fair Value under the Cayman Statutory Mergers (Mourant I Cayman)

- The Channel Islands Alternative to Solvency II (Appleby I Guernsey/Jersey)

- Striking off, dissolution and restoration under the BVI Business Companies Act 2004 (Bedell I BVI)

- Voluntary Liquidation: An Almost Irreversible Procedure (Harneys I BVI)

- Star Trek and the BVI Shareholder (Harneys I BVI)

- Companies (Amendment) Law 2015 (Harneys I Cayman)

- The International Insolvency Review, 3rd Ed: British Virgin Islands (Maples I BVI)

- Summary of requirements for listing on the Channel Islands Securities Exchange (Ogier I Jersey)

- When can a company apply for its own winding up in the Cayman Islands (Ogier/Jersey)


- Esma and the path to an AIFMD passport (Mourant I Cayman)

- The Securities Investment Business Law (Mourant I Cayman)

- At what cost loyalty? (Mourant I Funds)

- Jersey foundations: how are they being used? (Bedell I Jersey)


- BVI Trust Law (Carey I BVI)

- Exiting Difficult Trusts (Ogier I Jersey)

- Offshore Structures and The Register of People with Significant Control - The PSC Register (Ogier I Jersey)

- Private trust companies (Bedell I Jersey)

- Insolvent trusts-a further development (Ogier I Jersey)

- Jersey is not part of the UK (Ogier I Jersey)

Private Client

- The revocation of specific previous wills by general wording not valid - The Estate of Sushila Bhasin (Deceased) [2015] (Mourant I Guernsey)

- Freezing injunctions and enforcement (Carey I Jersey)

General Interest

- Changes to the BVI Anti-Money Laundering Regime (Harneys I BVI)

- The Ombudsman Cometh (Ogier I Jersey)



Conveyancing Handbook 22nd Ed.

Chambers UK: Solicitors A Client's Guide [2016]

Chambers UK: The Bar A Client's Guide [2016]

The Banking Regulation Review (6th Edition)


Archbold 2016

CC Precedents

We would like to congratulate Emma Taylor, the winner of this month's precedent prize. Thank you very much for your hard work Emma!


We have had a busy month or so reviewing new tools and products for 2016. May I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved on all of our workshops, discussions and WebEx. We hope to be able to deliver some of these things to you in the new year.

CC Pink Link

Don't forget the CC Pink Link which searches over external resources and CC precedents in one convenient search.


Knowledge Management Department

Lisa Upham (Guernsey office)

Anne Kennedy (Guernsey office)

Nick Marshall (Jersey office)