by Luis Rodriguez


H: Human I: Immunodeficiency V: virus

What HIV does to the body is it finds and destroys a specific type of white blood cell called T cells or CD 4 cells. It also puts it's DNA into the cell DNA which causes the cell to make more HIV cells. This makes the immune system weaker and easier to defeat. Once the immune system is weak your body can contract other harmful infections which can then lead to AIDS.


A: Acquired I: Immune D: Deficiency S: Syndrome

AIDS is someone with HIV has one or more specific infection or when they have less than 200 CD 4 cells per a cubic millimeter of blood then they have AIDS.

How HIV Is spread

1. Through sexual contact

2. Through blood (sharing needles)

3. Through pregnancy or breastfeeding

Ways HIV is NOT spread

1. kissing ( with the person infected)

2. By touching something the infected person touches

3. By sharing drinks or silverware

Ways to prevent HIV

1. Abstinence

2. safe sex

3. Not sharing needles