Starting Australian Curriculum

Learning how to plan and where to find resources to support

Ena Lakisoe

Please contact me if you have any questions or requests. Together we will work through some simple professional learning on the Australian Curriculum.

Professional Learning Aims

  • Share thoughts and reflections on the Australian Curriculum
  • Use the Board of Studies Program Builder filter
  • In grade teams, create a unit using the Board of Studies Program Builder
  • Share resources to support the implementation of the Australian Curriculum

Reflecting on the Australian Curriculum

Share your reflections, thoughts and ponderings about the Australian Curriculum.

Go to the Padlet Wall that has been created for this purpose and post your opinion.

Introducing Program Builder for the new NSW syllabuses

Using the Program Builder

Have a look at the short video on how to use the Program builder and practise using the filter and clicking on all the options on the side menu.

Create a Program in Program Builder

Editing a Unit in Program Builder

Practise editing a unit from the sample Programs.

Edit a unit in Program Builder

Editing a Program in Program Builder

There are sample Programs that you can collect and use or take and edit.

Edit a program in Program Builder

Starting from scratch

If you are wanting to start out on your own then use this video to create your own units.

Create a unit in Program Builder

Resources to Support the Australian Curriculum

K-6 ICT Resources to support the new Australian Curriculum


Check out this wiki created by Jill Andrew with ICT resources looking at the Australian Curriculum in English.

A link to creating Multimodal Texts complete with definition, resources and links to teaching and creating Multimodal texts.

Here is an amazing website created by Steph Westwood which includes ICT resources, examples of ICT, Multimodal texts and sections on the new Australian Curriculum.

A symbaloo created by Glenys Goffet with links to English Australian Curriculum Support materials.

A livebinder on Multimodal texts

Syllabus bytes on multimodal texts

A Pininterest created by Steph Westwood