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2017 - 2018 Fourth Grade Weekly News

Seriously, Where is Normal?

In the classroom, we started the week excited to have a 'normal' week. Of course, this concept is hilarious, because there is never going to be a normal week in the land of fourth grade - or elementary really. I am beyond proud of the class to show their flexibility and work with the changes we added to our schedule last week. We worked hard and persevered as best as possible. Proud of their effort!

Thank you for your support this week as our community took time to honor a wonderful hero this world lost too soon, Deputy Jacob Pickett. It is never easy navigating those conversations with young ones; however, it is especially important for them to show their respect and gratitude for those facing daily the things we fear. Several families in our classroom were impacted directly and I know all hearts are heavy at the moment. The classroom is really looking forward to a service project to give back to our first responders. Our main goal is to not simply give back during a tragedy. Our class would love to start a service project that will continue to remind us all to be thankful daily. Thank you all you are doing at home to raise wonderful human beings that will impact the world in big ways. We need more light in this world and I see a lot of light and joy in our classroom.

This past week:

In math, we moved into our math unit on multiplying fractions. We have been working with capacity units and converting between different units of measurement. This has allowed us to practice our operational math skills and add a little twist with converting. The kids have truly connected with the real world necessity with this unit. They are starting to see all of our units coming together and how those skills are making us stronger mathematicians that can easily survive in this world.

In reading, we concluded our first round of Novel Engineering by recording videos to share our process. Check out the link below! This week, we also read a little more into our class read aloud, Number the Stars, and have played around with different themes. We are focusing on coming up with a possible theme and then reading the book through the lens of this new identified theme. Our class played around with the theme "War makes children grow up quickly" and they were all able to find other books with similar themes. Our largest hurdle is looking at the entire book and staying away from isolated scenes that can support that theme. It is easy to find a scene to fit our ideas, but it is a high level of thinking to find a theme that fits with the entirety of the book.

A true theme should be easy to support with textual evidence, not forced. The class is doing the same thing in their book clubs, too. The conversations are outstanding! I love my job, because those beautiful conversations are music to my ears!

In science, we took our paper/pencil assessment on Soil, Rocks and Landforms. I was truly impressed with the knowledge they are retaining in this unit!

Coming up next!

  • Math: We will work on identifying new rules to apply to our multiplying fractions conversation. Our goal is to not find a quick trick (even though that is how many of us learned), our goal is to fully visualize WHY a strategy works. If we cannot explain a strategy, we are not fully understanding its power.

  • Reading: We will continue reading Number the Stars and look at minor characters and how they play a role in the big picture. We will work towards reading more in the novel, and hopefully get a chance to do Novel Engineering again this week or next.

  • Science: We will move into our performance assessment for Soil, Rocks and Landforms. This week, the class will research the three regions of Indiana and our landforms. We will identify Indiana's natural resources and how we are using those resources (or not using them) and finally, we will build salt dough maps to show our understanding of connecting all of our skills and connect them to our home state. Should be a messy and fun week ahead!

  • Writing: We will build our thesis for our essays and look for supporting details from the stories.

Jump Rope for Heart

For the month of March, Boone Meadow Wellness classes will be participating in the Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart fundraiser! Students will be learning about heart health, jump roping skills, and hula hoop activities. Students also have the opportunity to help the American Heart Association and raise money that goes towards new Wellness equipment!

Each student received a take-home letter and donation envelope from their homeroom teacher that informs them about the fundraising process. It is completely voluntary. Students can earn prizes based on the money they raise, and any donations are due by Friday March 23rd. There will be a concluding jump rope and hula hoop station, as well as a heart obstacle course at Boone Meadow’s Wellness night on Thurs. March 22nd to end the event.

BME Online Donation Link:

Questions or concerns:

Garrett Stephens – Wellness Teacher

Special's Schedule

  • Monday: STEM
  • Tuesday: Music
  • Wednesday: Art
  • Thursday: Wellness **bring/wear tennis shoes
  • Friday: Library

Upcoming Dates!

March 14th - Quarter 3 Ends

March 15th - 4th/5th Transition Day to ZWEST

March 16th - Spirit Day: Wear your Pajama's

March 19th-23rd - Scholastic Book Fair

March 22nd - Wellness Night 6:00-7:30pm

March 26th - Bus Evacuation Drill

March 28th - Kindergarten Round-Up @ BME (More information will be shared in coming weeks)

March 30th - April 6th - Spring Break (No school)

April 16th - May 4th - ISTEP+ Testing window (Part 2) - 3rd/4th grades

PLEASE mark your calendars for May 25th as our make-up day due to the 1/12/18 inclement weather cancellation.