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with Hornet Library -- April 9, 2018

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Mind Mapping

The brain works in a multi-directional fashion, jumping from one connection to another. Mind maps recreate this thought process making it easier for users to link ideas and make associations within and between pieces of information. Mind maps have a direct link to one's ability to recall information as well. Here are a few Mind Mapping Tools that can be used easily in the classroom.

Coggle: Chrome Extension or Browser. Add images, collaborate and use colors to mark nodes and branches.

SketchBoard: Web, Chrome and perfect for SmartBoards. Collaboration, images and unlimited space for drawing.

WiseMapping: Web. Drop and drag interface allowing collaboration with embedding and downloading capabilities.

Mindmeister: Web, Chrome. Dynamic visuals with collaboration ability. Link videos and other attachments.

Survival Tips for New (and not so new) Teachers

"Do the one thing you think you cannot do. fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it." ~ Oprah Winfrey
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Try Something New

Peer to Peer observation is a great way to build collegial relationships as well as to add professional development time into your day. With Pineapple Charts, teachers post planned lessons that you think others would be interested in seeing on a community chart. You share the day, period and lesson topic for others to see match their needs and interest with what others on campus are doing. The chart should be posted in a communal area where all have access to add information and look for learning opportunities (faculty workroom, online shared space). The hope is that all can benefit from learning from each other in a welcoming and supportive manner. Here is the link to the Pineapple Chart you see above.

Starbucks, Anyone?

Time flies! Soon we will start our 10th year with our "new" 2000 building. It was about that time that we switched email systems from FirstClass to Gmail. For many of us, we have not looked at our Gmail signature since we made that transition. For this week's Starbucks Challenge your task is to go into the Settings of your Gmail account and review your Signature. Update what is needed (no need for the "My new email" line any longer!) and then send me an email with your updates by Sunday for credit. Instructions, should you need them can be found here.
Reservations for Technology

All reservations for Lab, ChromeBook Carts/Tubs, iPads and VR Equipment can be found here.


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