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Top Ten Reasons To Be A Roman Soldier

10. You get paid fairly well and regularly.

9. If there is treasure captured, you get part of it.

8. When coming home from battle, your city will reward you with a victory parade.

7. You will get to eat and try new foods such as fish, meat, and lentils

6. You will get to meet new people in your army of 150,000 soldiers.

5. When you are injured, you will be provided excellent medical care.

4. Villagers will reward you with clothes and taverns.

3. After your battles, you will be able to the enemies heads as trophies.

2. You will be able to keep fit with a number of activities such as riding horses, throwing spears, and more.

1. When you retire, you will be rewarded a large piece of land.

By: Selina L.