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Wow! What a Week!!!

Monday - We were very busy catching up from PD Day. We started the day by discussing gratitude and playing the gratitude game as well as starting our gratitude journals. They worked on their real estate tour of their castle trying to convince Cinderella to buy their castle. We also worked on building castles today. The afternoon they were asked by a secret part of the FBI to start a mission on THE ISLAND!!! Think Jurassic World meets Mission Impossible with a little Survivor thrown in!!

Tuesday - Snow Day No Class

Wednesday/Thursday - Middle School - 6th grade started their day by doing a Mystery Skype with a middle school in Massachusetts. We then moved on to conquering our garden towers, thanks to the help of Coach Windmiller. We cleaned, organized, took inventory, and built our first tower. 7th/8th grade took over the next day and built the rest. Currently, we have two complete towers and three towers that are waiting on lights. Now we are just waiting on our seeds to get big enough to pop them into the gardens!!! Students are also interested in expanding our gardens. If anyone has any old grow lights that they do not use anymore or fish aquariums, they are wanting to dabble in aquaponic gardens and trash can gardens.

7th/8th grade also got time to complete their castle projects which next week we will attempt to destroy. They will be given a King and Queen, two eggs, and their castle has to protect them from the opposing manor's attack!!

7th/8th grade also created videos to share with the students at Fort Campbell and continued to work on their Exit games that they are creating.

Schedule for Thanksgiving

Due to activities at the elementary schools on Tuesday, Nov. 26th 4th/5th grade will not have class. Sorry!!!!!
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Asynchronous Development - Gratitude and Friendship

Gifted Friendships: You Are Not Alone!

Gifted friendships are hard to define, and often even harder to find. Gifted kids in a classroom full of kids who want to play with them and invite them to parties, may feel alone and crave this rare commodity. Gifted adults may feel alone in spite of lots of acquaintances at work and in other activities. There are lots of people around us every day, yet we feel strange and isolated. What are we missing?

"When gifted children are asked what they most desire, the answer is often 'a friend'. The children's experience of school is completely colored by the presence or absence of relationships with peers." (Silverman, 1993).

Miraca Gross has researched gifted friendships, not only in children but over the lives of young and now middle-aged adults through her longitudinal studies.

"This difficulty of the gifted child in forming friendships is largely a result of the infrequency of persons who are like-minded. The more intelligent a person is, regardless of age, the less often can he find a truly congenial companion. The average child finds playmates in plenty who can think and act on a level congenial to him, because there are so many average children." (Hollingworth, 1936)

But what makes the gifted child less able to find friendship among all the other students in her age/grade classroom? Is the student somehow biased towards kids identified as gifted? No. Are the student's parents influencing her to befriend only the gifted kids? Not at all. Miraca's research shows...

Gifted children were beginning to look for friends with whom they could develop close and trusting friendships, at ages when their age-peers of average ability were looking for play partners. (Gross, SENG article)Gifted kids feel differently, and seek friendships among those who feel similarly!

Gross's and other research shows other factors influence friendships. Gender plays a role: boys are, at some point, 2 or more years behind girls in their concepts of friendship, which accounts for the elementary years cliquishness of girls not being mimicked in boys until early middle school. Age plays a role. Levels of giftedness are also key to finding gifted friendships.

The years between four and nine are probably the most likely to be beset with problems. (Hollingworth, 1936)

The question is, what can we do to help our gifted children find friendships?

Ability grouping and grade advancement can be of invaluable assistance in the early years of school to young gifted children whose accelerated conceptions of friendship are urging them to see the sure shelter of a relationship of trust, fidelity, and authenticity, at ages when their age-peers are seeking playmates or casual conversation. In the case of exceptionally and profoundly gifted children, it is difficult to justify, either educationally or socially, the inclusion of these children in classes comprised of age-peers whose conceptions of friendship are so radically different than theirs. (Gross, SENG article)

The most important thing we can do for our kids is to help them find this "community" they seek and let them know and experience that they are not alone!

For a quick summary of Miraca's research, read SENG's "Play Partner" or "Sure Shelter": What Gifted Children Look For in Friendship. For her full presentation, visit Hoagies' Gifted: "Play Partner" or "Sure Shelter"? Why gifted children prefer older friends..

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Learning Plans Needed

I have almost everyones except for some of my 7th and 8th graders. Please fill them out and return to me as soon as possible! Thanks!

Gifted Opportunities

I have put all of the opportunities into one document so that it is easier to keep track of. I have them divided into topics and I will continue to add to this as things come across my path. There are some pretty amazing things out there that I had no idea existed!! Cub Creek Science Camp in Rolla looks amazing!!! If you know of any other opportunities that I can add please share!!