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Building Relationships, One Book at a Time

We Are Falling For Great Books!

The VCS Media Centers have been celebrating the fall season with a harvest of good reading! From books that go bump in the night to books that pair well with a cup of hot apple cider, we continue to nurture our students' love of reading.

Mrs. Tracht wins big with Jacqueline Davies!

"In April of 2020, one of the 3rd-grade teachers invited me to a zoom meeting with Jacqueline Davies (Lemonade War series) and her 3rd-grade class. Jacqueline spoke to the kids about writing Sydney and Taylor Explore the Whole Wide World and sent me a copy once it was published. I'm on her mailing list and this fall I entered a contest to win the 2nd book in the series and an original block print of the two characters.....lucky me, I won both!" -Mrs. Tracht

We want to send a big THANK YOU to Mrs. Tracht for sharing this with us! We think her students are the biggest winners!

To learn more about Jackqueline Davies, visit her website:

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VHS Creative Writers Share Their Creepy Short Story Writing Craft!

Mr. Mathew, Mrs. Lopez, and Mrs. Beach shared their creative writing students' scary short story tales! Just scan the QR code and brace yourselves for a tall tale of terror!
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VCS Middle Schools Book Battle 2021

Students and teachers are forming teams of readers to compete in a virtual book battle between Ben Franklin Middle School *and* Thomas Jefferson Middle School. The two books selected are 2021-2022 Young Hoosier Book Award Nominees: Sal & Gabi Break the Universe by Carlos Hernandez (fantasy/science fiction) and From the Desk of Zoe Washington by Janae Marks (realistic fiction). Teams are scheduled to compete in early December and will use Quizizz to answer trivia-style questions about each book. Winners will be awarded with items from each school's book fair.
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Mrs. Tracht shares some book reviews!

An Apple Orchard Riddle by Margaret McNamara!

"An Apple Orchard Riddle by Margaret McNamara is about a field trip to the apple orchard. Their teacher gives them a riddle to solve while at the orchard. The riddle is: find a red house with no windows and no doors with a star inside. One of the characters in the book solves the riddle. I always bring in an apple to demonstrate after reading the book..... even though the kids know what is going to happen when I cut the apple in half, they are still wowed!! I feel like I'm doing a magic trick, sometimes the kids clap and cheer!" - Mrs. Tracht

The Stranger by Chris VanAllsburg

"The Stranger by Chris VanAllsburg is one of my favorites, there are many clues throughout the book to help the kids figure out who the stranger is......(Can't spoil it!)...Most years the students in 3rd grade guess correctly!" - Mrs. Tracht
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National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Both TJM and BFM students were given the opportunity to raise their awareness of people with disabilities through displays that focused on the ABILITY in disABILITY during National Disability Employment Awareness Month.
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Visit the Valparaiso High School Media Center Website to Connect with Us!

The Valparaiso High School Media Center proudly offers a diverse collection of books and resources. Our mission is to connect students with books that feature relevant characters. Such books foster empathy, encourage questioning, and fuel the natural desire to learn. Through the many genres, we seek books that help us create life-long readers. Each day we share our enthusiasm for reading and strive to connect with our students through a warm welcome when they walk through our doors. Please feel free to reach out at any time.


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